Poles and other brackets to install curtains

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Which one should I choose?

When you decide to hang a curtain, the first thing you think of is a decorative curtain rod. But there are other brackets to keep in mind, the Rails and Café rods.

Decorative poles

They are decorative, besides simply being a practical curtain holder. They are available in a multitude of materials (wrought iron, wood of different colours, steel or brass) and finishes (gloss, matte, aged, patinated...).

Different collections of diverse decorative styles can be combined with your room's look. The collections also come in different diameters: 20, 22, 28 or 30 cm.


Rails have no decorative function as they are basically metal guides that can be installed directly on the ceiling or wall using brackets. Inside, they have gliders that slide along the inside of the rail. The curtain is attached to the gliders and hooks. It is essential that the curtain has strap to put the hooks.

Once the curtain is hung, the rail is completely hidden, providing no decoration.

The Rails can be fixed (they have to be cut to the exact size) or extendible, adapting to the necessary size by lengthening (no need to cut).

They can be operated manually, opened and closed with the help of a handle, or with a mechanised cord. In the latter, the opening system can be either lateral or centralised.

Café Rods

Café rods are thinner poles specifically for small or lightweight curtains.

Several types of these rods are available with multiple installation options, with hooks, spring-loaded, self-adhesive... and can be installed on the window or above it on a surface.

Most models expand to adapt perfectly to different sized spaces (using the same system as shower curtains).

Café rods come in different shapes (round or flat) and materials (plastic, metal...). These are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

The curtain can be fastened by passing the café rod through the curtain's hem, or using curtain clips or rings.

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