What I need to install a curtain rod

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Curtain rods are available in a range of sizes, usually 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm and 250 cm long.

To know what size bar you need, just add an additional 40 cm to the window's width, which would mean a margin of 20 cm on each side, for a stylish finish.

If the resulting measurement is more than 250 cm, choose 2 smaller size rods that add the length you need. Then, join them together.


Depending on the total length, you will need between two and three brackets to fix the pole in place.

If the pole's length is less than or equal to 250 cm, you will need 2 brackets.

If the bar is more than 250 cm long, you will need 3 brackets.

Depending on the installation type, different types of brackets are available: wall, ceiling and side or inter-wall brackets. 


In the case of ornamental poles, choose two decorative finials to place at each end of the pole. Remember,  this is the most visible part of the whole.

Each collection has a variety of end fittings to choose from; simple ones, more ornate one, of various shapes and sizes... Choose a finial with your room's decorative style in mind.

It is absolutely essential that you choose all the items necessary for your poles from the same collection, and also in the selected colour.


Rings are needed to hang curtains, not eyelets or loops.

To figure out how many rings you need, estimate 1 ring for every 10 cm of bar.

When you place the rings on the pole, remember to leave a ring between the bracket and the finials. This way the curtain is fixed to the ends and does not move when opening and closing.

Rings are available in different types, with various types of fastenings.


Accessories are add-ons, but can still perform useful functions that come in handy, or they can simply be enjoyed for their looks.

- Curtain hold backs and tiebacks. These accessories are used to pull curtains back.

- Curtain draw rods or pulls Rods are used to move curtains.

- Elbow connector. An accessory to join two poles at an angle.

- Union Pole. An accessory to join two poles.

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