Choosing the best rug

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Where should I put a rug?

All rooms in a home may need a rug (living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom...). Deciding to put a rug in a specific place is tied to the room's décor or functional need.

What espace do I need to cover?

A rug's size is also essential, and will depend on the room you want to place it in.  In large spaces, opt for a bigger rug. And the smaller the room, more minimalist the décor should be. For this reason, it is better to opt for smaller rugs in small spaces rather than overdoing the decoration.

What look am I after?

Think about the room's style and let your own tastes guide you through how the room's personality unfolds.

Rugs come in many styles, from the classic floor coverings, to hand crafted mats, to the most modern, trendy designs. Other styles, such as oriental rugs, fit perfectly into Zen-themed spaces, or rugs with an ethnic flair, covered in different designs, colourful motifs and of varied models to breathe life into any floor space.

Which material should I choose?

Choosing the right material is very much tied to its use. If you have small children or pets, choose a rug that is tough, colourful and easy to clean. 

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