Rugs and colours

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The most fundamental thing when choosing a rug colour is that it should create the desired ambience.

The rug colour

If you are looking for a room that looks more spacious and luminous, choose a light-coloured rug such as ivory, beige, sandstone...

On the other hand, dark tones are more serious, ideal for busier areas or higher use.

Colourful rugs can brighten up any room that needs a hint of gaiety. Colourful rugs with geometric designs and eye-catching colours can be the perfect addition to a work corner or lively studio. Voluminous, lustrous rugs look great in minimalist, uncluttered settings.

The floor colour

In dark floor rooms, choose a beige rug or a light colour to bring more light to the room. If, on the other hand, the room-s floor is light coloured, a more colourful rug can give it added spice.

The wall colour

White or soft-toned walls are suitable for all types of rugs, smooth and light-coloured for a minimalist atmosphere; or printed and colourful for a more daring style. Dark walls or walls clad with pictures or other complements look great with uncluttered floors and  light-coloured rugs.

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